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Apathetic in our actions, overwhelmed by the vast number of issues, and distrust towards media; people are engulfed in a malaise where information is spread fast and furious, and then covered by more waves of ever-worse news. Rhizome is a dynamic holarchical archive and search engine designed to subvert this phenomenon, enabling users to enact a methodological process for collecting, organizing, and recalling information, to empower and create healthier ecosystems of information consumption.

Sustainable Development Goals:

GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 13: Climate Action

Megan Krahn grew up in a small town in the middle-of-nowhere, Canada. She has many questions, many ideas, and many times when she walks from one room to another and forgets why. Megan likes to work within large, complex systems, connecting superficially disparate and abstract ideas within a system, to create more meaningful understandings. She likes to challenge the status quo, and enjoys designing for social and public goods and services. Lorenzo Bigatti is a communication designer and art director. He is passionate about designing books and magazines, exhibitions, and creating complex design systems. Right now, he’s stuck in London during a pandemic. He’s reading and cooking a lot, trying to stay sane, and he’s now friends with every single plant growing in his 45m² apartment in Islington. He investigates the connection between data and politics, philosophy and technology. Dominika Majewska is a born explorer with a high dose of energy (till 9pm), working at the intersection of environmental transitions and social innovation. She uses her research and design skills to investigate the connections between; urban and rural environments; people – nature; past-present-future. After work, she finds comfort in long, solitary bike trips, while listening to music in languages she doesn’t understand.

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